Green Eagle was tested for more than three years before offering our first product to the consumer.  We then went to long term dealers and instructors 8 months before going public.  This way we were able to trial and error many things that are common needs of today’s advanced pilots to give you a craft so complete with today’s technology, and innovation, that we will stand by our craft.  Some of our dealers have had a Green Eagle for a year before we were finished with QC design improvements and final R&D.

Why such a strong warranty?
We have heard it all over the years. The stories pilots have from manufactures mostly blaming the customer if a problem should occur, which is quite often with 2 strokes.  In many cases if the customer is at fault it is in getting fuel oil mixes wrong.  The 4 stroke eliminates that risk.

As a Technician myself, I was told by manufactures that I must of done something wrong instead of standing by the posted warranty.   I have had engine failures on personal 2 stroke units that I meticulously maintained.
In many cases the shipping overseas, and repair cost were more than purchasing a new engine.
As a pilot and a dealer for various aircraft I became frustrated with this common practice.  I realized it is just too hard for companies to warranty 2 stroke engines due to all the variables that can damage a 2 stroke.

We decided to engineer the best 4 stroke combinations with our Green Eagle to offer you not only an outstanding warranty, but more fuel efficiency, quieter engines, more Eco friendly, and much lower operation cost.
Since our engines had gone through rigorous testing over the years we decided to offer the best warranty in the Powered Paragliding community.

Green Eagle puts their warranty and engine maintenance program in writing for all to see. Our standard warranty comes at no additional cost, that’s right you heard it, no additional cost! 


All engines come with a full one-year to include all moving internal parts, including parts and labor.
This warranty is only void if there is evidence of no oil in the engine or the warranty rules are not followed.  We have tested this engine with only 1 quart on our airboats so you will have to run it near empty for a while to seriously harm it.  A free proper service schedule is in place and all engines come with 60 hour oil change kit free when you call and request it.

What does my free Oil change kit come with?

You get three quarts of Amsoil 100% or Mobile 1 non petroleum based synthetic oil and filter with instructions.  This oil is very expensive and you have an extra quart to keep your engine oil levels in check for the next two years.  We charge only shipping cost for the kit when ordered.  You will need your unit serial # when ordering.

New for 2020, our mil-spec drive designed for the Navy Seals carries an unbelievable 3 year drive and mount warranty. This year we have also included a 2 year warranty on our drive belt. Warranties like this do not exist except on Green Eagle products.  Green Eagle is Veteran owned, American made, and  guaranteed  to run for years to come.

Warranty Extension Programs:

This is a great re-sell tool and will insure your Eagle does not drop in value if well maintained. Extended warranty’s are transferable and can be purchased for new owners once inspected.

Your warranty is transferable, however we need all information on the new owner for serial # to match new owner names.

At purchase or after inspection by a HUB dealer Green Eagle will offer a 1 year or 150 hour warranty extension program for $500.00 once signed off by a local HUB dealer.  If you purchase an extension contract at sale of craft you do not need an inspection.

As approved dealers come on board you can have your dealer inspect, service, and fill out your form or bring craft to our facility for inspection.

Warranty rules: 

1. Your yearly flight forms must be turned in at year end or by 30 DEC each year or warranty will be void.  This information can be called in.
2. If you have to replace the hour meter you must contact us and send back old meter.  We will serial # and give you a new one at cost. If we are not informed warranty would be void.
3. Not participating in the Free Oil Service program will void your warranty.
4. If there is any evidence of aftermarket tampering without prior consent from Apogee Power Sports or Green Eagle warranty will be void.
5. Running engine on low oil levels will void warranties
6. Warranty does not cover engine electrical system or leaks of any kind
7. Evidence of running fuels not intended for the engine will void warranty
8. Evidence of abuse and running engine above recommended RPMs will void warranty
9. Engines and hour meters must be sent with engine that has failed.   Repairs, parts, or replacement will be free if engine is under warranty.   In many cases we will want to interview you to help us serve you better.

Note:  Please make sure you have your spouses permission to purchase a custom aircraft and that in the least you are in good basic health.

We at Green Eagle hope to see you in the air for years to come with your new personal aircraft.  We welcome any insight you may have to help us serve you better.

“There’s no Space like Air Space”

Fly Safe Fly Green

Ashton F. Brunner
Chief Designer

Return Policy/ Abandoned Craft or Billing

All Green Eagles unless on hand at order are custom aircraft.  90% of the Green Eagle is a CNC and or hand crafted.   Like any custom aircraft, boat, car, home, cabinets,  or not on the shelf item, it has all of the cost up front to the manufacture.  When we order any parts from vendors, machinist, and suppliers, we are charged 100% up front for that item.
Although we do not have it happen very often we have had a people who put down a build deposit then change their mind for whatever reason.
If this is done we at GE have already absorbed the upfront cost to build your craft and are at a loss until fully paid for.  See Options below for return. Due to the custom nature on these aircraft their are no contracted due dates unless completed and being shipped. Always ask were you are on wait list when ordering.  same goes for custom gliders with ads or custom reinforced glider in special colors.
Option 1 :
If we custom build for you then you can finish paying for the craft, take delivery,  and resell yourself, with warranty intact.
Option 2:
if you do not want to take possession of the craft you ordered, you can wait till we are able to sell your craft as an on hand item. There will be a 30% restock fee.
Keep in mind that many customers are ordering custom craft for their color choice, size, and options. We will not change your craft to meet these requirements or requests for another individual. We will transfer warranty.
You can advertise to sell your craft and we will ship for you at whatever actual shipping cost is. We will help you as much as possible, but keep in mind our job is to deliver your aircraft to YOU once fully paid for.

Ladies and Gentlemen, make sure you have the bosses permission or proper pass before placing an order that you could be stuck with until someone purchases it.
These rules are set forth following market standards for most items that are custom made.

 Abandonment and billing. All billing for repairs of any craft left on site at our facilities are due within 90 days or before pick up of craft.  Any craft left for over 90 days without contact or billing being paid will be considered abandoned.  All billing can be negotiated but this is to keep from having people leave craft in shop for extended periods of time in some cases years. Thank You

Check your local laws before purchase of optional tandem gear.  All Green eagles are sold FAR 103.  What you do with options when you get your craft is up to you the owner.   Green Eagle, its founders or contractors will not be held liable for illegal use of the Green Eagle in your country or the USA

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