Green Eagle does it again with other Worlds first in Personal Aviation. Offering the New FIT 49 E85 Flex Fuel Eagle modified by Apogee Power Sports. this is our ECO Eagle.   Also this year for 2020 we will be offering a 45 HP 61 cubic inch V twin Ultra engine,  capable of easy tandem or great for heavy pilots.  Combined with other Great American companies, Like Delray Machine, Powerfin Propellers, Delphi, and many others, we bring you the most versatile personal aircraft in the world made even better for 2020.

Adding to our reputation as an environmentally responsible American manufacturer, The EFI Eagles are within the EPA phase 3/CARB Tier 3 levels, with extremely low levels of HC and NOx being produced.

After 10 plus years of building many first in the industry, we have decided to go full throttle, and offer the best price in the market today for our EFI Eagle or fuel injected personal aircraft, powered paraglider. And it is ready for FLEX fuel.

We started out in 2007 with the world’s first Propane craft to circumvent fuel injection and obtain high altitudes, as fuel injection was so expensive at the time.

In early 2009 we used Harley EFI, then Boch and volvo, and last year we started working with Delphi systems and I must say we have a winner and still made in America.

We have been successful with our Bosch systems and they use to be $1500 and up for the extra upgrade.

Now we bring you our FIT 49 E85 modified engine from Apogee Power Sports that is our new standard ECO Green Eagle. Another world’s first as Green Eagle is the only company to this date to run E85 or regular gas.

So for the price of many back pack models with a portable trike, we bring you a new state of the art personal aircraft The Green Eagle EFI FIT 49 from Apogee Power Sports( Fuel Inject Twin 49 cubic inch engine) or the new    2020 FIT61 1000cc EFI Ultra engine at 45HP.

This engine has already been in use by GE for five years so going EFI with it was a matter of time and cost. We brought you the world’s only re-drive warranty, and recently increased it to 3 years no questions, 100% replacement, no cost, due to our zero failure rates in five years.

Our new Gold drive is a product of over 7 years of research and development and just improving on great products we already have. We know you will enjoy many years of safe flying with your new eagle.

Green Eagle has been offering real closed loop EFI for over 6 years but the new system is a real innovation not to mention cutting prices to help more enjoy safe clean affordable democratized flight.

Complemented with our custom construction, numerous CNC machined parts, custom colors, modifications, and above all safety in making the craft fit your needs…why settle for less????

Unlike many stamped out production craft, designed for one size fits all. Green Eagle can be truly made to order via, Colors, length, height, seating, disabilities and so on.

Many customers have their Green eagles color matched to their other vehicles and ad custom modification to make it their own. As far as we know there is no company on the market that does this with keeping the price competitive.

Now with low cost fuel injection pioneered in the auto industry we offer you safe affordable personal flight with no license required in the USA. Enjoy 95% of US airspace clean quietly in a smooth one gallon per hour aircraft that runs on the same fuel your lawn mower bike or car does. Enjoy for the first time low maintenance, and very low operational cost in Aviation. Feel Instant throttle response, quieter operation, no worries at high altitudes, better fuel economy, and an even smoother ride. Enjoy a 25 amp charging system to power heated suits for cold winter comfort.

Feel free to call any time for questions and discuss your flying goals and we will tailor a personal craft for you.

Ask about summer specials, build deposit programs, prop upgrades specials, uniform discounts,and more. Dream it, build it, fly it, Green Eagle!