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Green Eagle is Celebrating over 14 years of the Ultimate Flying Experience!!!

Have You ever thought Flying is out of your reach? Too expensive, or maybe you can’t pass the physical. What would you think if you could fly an American made aircraft specifically designed for recreational flight, affordable, safe, fun, and low cost to operate per hour? Built like a real expensive aircraft, roll cage, aircraft aluminum, certified aircraft bolts, no cheap metal welded together?  Welcome, to the Green Eagle.
Green Eagle welcomes in our 14th year Anniversary in 2020 by offering 10% percent discounts in training for men and women in uniform. Not to mention other discounts on equipment gliders etc. that we already extend to our men and women in uniform, We bleed red white and blue. From the thin blue line, to the solider defending freedom in the Armed forces to Border patrol. Without those who serve we would not have a world class personal aircraft democratizing flight for all.
Our company was founded by an ARMY Vet and everything is made in the USA. As far as we know at this time we are the only small aircraft that is using American made engines, drive systems, and frames made in Texas out of aircraft 6061 T6 DOM seamless. or choice of stainless steel.  Green Eagle has pioneered personal safety, customized craft, based on personal wants and needs, to low environmental impact aviation, with low fuel use.
We were the first to pioneer closed loop eco-friendly trouble free fuel injection four stroke engine technology for personal aircraft. You can run E85 to regular gas no two stroke oils, no loud noises, no hi maintenance, or hi cost to operate. You will find Green Eagle to have the world’s best warranties, including affordable low cost, safe, and fun to fly. Green Eagle has more built in safety than any personal aircraft with a full impact resistant full body protection roll cage with 4 point harnesses. Green Eagle is bridging racing technology with light aviation. You will not find a better, safer, made in America, personal aircraft with no license required on the market today. Feel free to call us and order your custom personal aircraft today built it your way with your color choice or themes. Now more than ever before your dream of flight is obtainable, affordable, safer, easier, and lower cost than ever before. Ride the Sky Order your freedom today. Come fly with us in the scenic Hill Country  outside Austin Texas at lake LBJ.


– No License Required

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Green Eagle has the best Warrenties on the Market.

WARNING: Experimental air craft of any kind can cause serious injury or even death, professional training advised. See PPG Training for more information. .